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We sell high quality hemp clones that have been rigorously tested and feminized, offering industry-leading uniformity in your fields.

Clone Varieties/Super CBD

Originally bred in Israel, the Super CBD industrial hemp cultivar is an adaptable plant. With its high CBD content and rich terpenes profile, our Super CBD hemp clones are in high demand. Super CBD can reach over 12ft in one season, making it a diverse selection. With proper staking, Super CBD can produce 3lbs per plant.

Super CBD is a preferred selection for late plantings and makes an excellent fiber crop. Because of its aggressive growth habit, Super CBD can be planted late in the season and still produce high yields. Super CBD is also an excellent selection for non-irrigated fields and regions with a short growing season.

Super CBD Is a late bloomer and is typically harvested in October, once the colas show a purple hue.


Helpful Tips

  • The long internodes of Super CBD make scouting easy
  • The colas of this variety are our most worm-resistant
  • Super CBD is drought tolerant

General Growing Tips For Your Hemp Clones

Industrial Hemp has different nutritional needs in different stages of the plant’s development. Since you are buying rooted clones, there are only two periods of the plant’s life-cycle that pertain to your grow.

The vegetative stage occurs after the clones have finished rooting and lasts all the way to the flowering stage. During the veg stage, industrial hemp plants are storing up nutrients through absorption in the root system and photosynthesis in their leaves. This store of energy is required for the latter production of flowers. A plant that is unhealthy during its vegetative stage will not produce a maximum yield of CBD later in the mature cola. During the veg stage, hemp plants are especially hungry for nitrogen. They use this nutrient to build new stems at internodes, produce new leaves, and ultimately get ready to produce CBD in their flowers. For this reason, we use a higher nitrogen rate during the vegetative stage. Our preferred rate is an NPK ratio 3:1:2. For field-grown hemp we use 200 lbs of nitrogen per acre. For indoor-grown hemp we use 150 ppm nitrogen on a constant-feed program. Your soil will vary, so make sure to test your hemp crop for your local environment.

In high CBD production, the flower is where the money is. The flowering stage is the final phase in the natural reproductive cycle of the plant. Industrial hemp is a photoperiodic plant, which means it will begin the flowering stage as soon as the duration of sunlight declines. Each hemp variety has a small variance to light sensitivity, but a general rule of thumb is that industrial hemp plants begin the flowering stage when day length is less than 12 hours of sunlight. When we see flowering starting to develop, we usually run clear water (with no fertilizer) for about two weeks before we start a high phosphorus and potassium feeding program. We use an NPK ratio of 1:3:4 during the flowering stage and then cut back to clear water again about 2 weeks before harvest. For field-grown hemp we use 160 lbs of nitrogen per acre. For indoor-grown hemp we use 100 ppm nitrogen on a constant-feed program.

Planting Instructions For Super CBD Hemp Clones

Our Super CBD hemp clones will come ready to plant directly in the field. We plant our fields at 4-6 feet on center with 6-8 feet between rows. This ensures proper plant development and maximum CBD yield. Industrial hemp likes a soil with a pH between 6.0-7.0, which is well-drained, and will have 10-14 inches of rainfall (or irrigation) during the growing season.

We do not plant before the last frost date in our area due to the possibility of losing hemp clones to bad weather. There is no reason to rush the planting of the crop as tall plants are harder to harvest and do not increase the maximum CBD yield of the crop.

We have seen success in using raised beds in more clay-type soils to increase drainage and stave off any water sitting on the roots of the plant. Plastic coverings on these rows can help with weed control, but they make it harder to determine the soil moisture level. Drip Tape can be added as the raised beds are being made to help with controlled irrigation and fertilization requirements.

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We sell high quality hemp clones that have been rigorously tested and feminized, offering industry-leading uniformity in your fields.

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